GreenEarth Dry Cleaning

Upon receiving your Garments at our facility they are carefully examined and any loose buttons or minor faults are rectified. Stains are carefully attended to and each garment passes through a seven stage process before receiving final inspection.
Jeeves employs a variety of technologies including 'GreenEarth' - a new inert and non-toxic silicone based cleaning process. This revolutionary technology has many benefits for both you and your delicate garments. GreenEarth Silicone is a milder alternative to Percholorethylene ('PERC').  GreenEarth is currently exclusive to Jeeves in Bahrain.
Silicone has been around for a long time and has a wide variety uses, but no one had found a way to use it for dry cleaning - until now! GreenEarth was developed by some reputable big names such as Proctor and Gamble and General Electric.

Why is it better for you and the earth?

GreenEarth is entirely non-toxic and non-hazardous because liquid silicone is made from sand - the same natural sand the earth has been creating for over six billion years. So GreenEarth is safe for the air, water and soil. GreenEarth is safe for people too. If you wanted to, you could rub it in on your skin. In fact you probably already do. Liquid silicone is the base of ingredient in many shampoos, conditioners and lotions.

Why is it better for clothes?

With this new technology we are now able to remove stains and soil from fabric fibers without 'touching' the fibers. Think of it as having the ability to use a scalpel for stain surgery when everyone else is still using a machete. Some of GreenEarth's benefits include :

  • Clothes come back fresh and clean.
  • Colors will never fade or run. Whites stay white - even with repeated cleaning
  • Garments come back softer - especially wools and cashmere
  • Fabrics will last longer and will never shrink

Delicate silk garments, sequins, leathers, fur, lace, chiffon and even vinyl all benefit from gentle GreenEarth cleaning

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